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People are your most valuable assets

We eliminate hunches and guesswork. Unearth the potential to succeed. Make people strategy impact business. And achieve their goals, together.

Psychometric Tests

Our online computer based psychometric tests are easy, scientific & objective, providing an unbiased way of capturing hidden aspects of candidates which are impossible to ascertain from an interview. They are designed to measure a candidates' suitability for a job role based on competencies, behaviour, motivations and their natural talent.

There are different types of psychometric tests available which measure different aspects of a candidate like how they make decisions, how are they motivated, what are their working styles etc. It is critical to pick the right assessment for your requirement.

We at Talentmetrix offer you a broad range of high validity psychometric tests and help you choose the right fit for your requirement including Recruitment, Promotion, High Potential Identification, Employee Engagement among others.


We also offer the only predictive psychometric test available in the market which is being used by many of the largest companies across Industries. It is based on Big Data, customised to your specific job requirements, and can predict employee performance on the job. It is a must have for Critical Talent Decisions.


Psychometric tests

HR and L&D Solutions

HR needs end-to-end solutions that can be quickly implemented in a cost-effective manner.


Our solutions are integrated journeys based on our experience of over 20 years. These solutions start with building a robust Program Design based on the clients needs and our extensive consulting experience delivering these experiences. The success of any intervention is directly proportionate to the design; with our experience HR can quickly design interventions that deliver the desired Program Objectives.

There are different types of interventions ranging from routine Promotions and Learning & Development interventions, to critical Talent interventions like High Potential Identification and Succession Planning. Different interventions require different Assessment, Development and Consulting tools - our clients rely on us to recommend the appropriate tools & programs to deliver the Program Objectives.


TalentMetrix believes in enabling and empowering our clients. All solutions are designed to transfer all tools and capability to HR so they can run the programs internally in a sustainable, successful manner. To this end, we train and handover all tools to ensure HR is fully equipped to take the solutions forward.

There are many tools and solution providers in the HR services market - HR needs a partner that can stitch all components together into an integrated, end-to-end solution that delivers to Program Objectives in time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of Business Leaders and Associates.


Our Clients


“TalentMetrix helped us derive SMART Individual Development Plans for Client Partners. Based on our experience, we have decided to implement it across all our markets in Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa”.

Bhaskar Bhattacharya,

Executive Director, Organization and Leadership Development,

The Nielsen Company

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