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People are the most critical resource for an organisation. Organisations must have a Talent Intelligence system that provides an integrated, snapshot view of the entire Talent Pool to facilitate informed decision-making around Talent & Business Strategy.
TalentMetrix's HR Analytics is a three stage solution. First, TalentMetrix works in partnership with HR to identify and capture critical decision making parameters that comprise Talent Intelligence - competencies, performance, skills & engagement levels.

In Stage two, the data is analysed and synthesised to arrive at key trends and insights about the organisation Talent Pool. At this stage, TalentMetrix & HR work together with Business Leadership to analyse Talent Data in context of the Business Strategy and build a Talent Heatmap. This stage would typically answer questions like:

  • Do we have talent available internally to execute this strategy, or do we need to recruit?

  • What is the ramp-up time for job-ready talent?

  • Is there an alternative strategy that could better leverage strengths of the existing Talent?

  • Is the organisation leadership pipeline aligned to the 3 year plan?

In Stage three, HR builds the Talent Strategy to address gaps with support from TalentMetrix. This would typically involve rolling out Talent Management interventions like Development Journeys, Leadership Development & Succession Planning.

"Successful organisations know that Talent & Business Strategy are inextricably linked, and hence they use high-quality scientific and reliable data to inform their decision making"


Clients using our HR Analytics solution experience success by:

  • Aligning Talent Pool with Business Strategy

  • Building actionable road maps for Talent Improvement linked to measurable On-The-Job improvement in KPI's and KRA's

  • Aligning Individual Talent Development with overall organisational goals

  • Providing inputs to Business Leadership to manage and course-correct the Talent Strategy


  • End to end solution spanning Need Analysis, Assessment & Development

  • Predictive role-specific competency assessment aligned with business strategy

  • Provides Talent Heatmap with firm Go-No Go Talent recommendations

  • Focuses on targeted competency areas that can be developed to improve performance through Individual Development Plans or L&D Calendars

  • Substantially improves predictive accuracy from existing methods

  • Easy to analyse Dashboards with drill-down capabilities

Psychometric Tools

Other HR Tools

360 Feedback Survey
Individual Development Plan
Talent Heatmap
Talent Readiness
Decision Support
Training Needs Analysis


Financial Services
Software Products
Global Insourcing Centre's (GIC's)
Global Delivery Organizations


Leadership & C-Suite
Software Development
Centres Of Excellence
Quality & Audit
Customer Service
Data Science
Software Product Engineering
Software Testing


Senior Management
Mid Management
Front Line Managers
People Managers
First Time Managers
Team Leads
Individual Contributors

Business Challenges

Agile Talent
Digital Talent
Effective Teams
High Performance Culture
Operational Effectiveness
Building People Managers
Improving Customer Satisfaction
Improving Customer Service
Building An Innovation Culture
Managing Change
Reducing Attrition
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