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Chally – The Predictive Psychometric Test eliminates guesswork in Critical Talent Decisions. HR & Business Leaders use this competency assessment to predict employee role fitment in interventions like Promotions, High Potential Identification & Succession Planning.

The Predictive Psychometric test provides HR professionals with fast & easy access to scientifically valid predictions of employee competence and motives. Our USP is capturing competencies that accurately predict on-the-job performance rather than describing traits like “extroversion” which are not linked to performance. We have researched and developed scales that measure the specific skills and behaviors needed to be successful on the job. It may be interesting to know an associate’s energy level, but a good competency assessment must evaluate if they can successfully manage people, innovate and execute for results.

The Chally Predictive Psychometric Test is based on extensive research conducted over decades. Based on actuarial science, our database includes performance measures of over 450,000 associates across management, sales and specialized functions. It leverages more than 400 proprietary validation studies to accurately predict on-the-job performance. Our research and analytics team continues the research today, leveraging state-of-the-science techniques to ensure our findings and tools provide reliable intelligence for Critical Talent Decisions.

"Our USP is capturing competencies that accurately predict on-the-job performance"


Clients using the Predictive Chally Psychometric Test see dramatic business improvements and fast return on investment by:

  • Selecting the right candidates for the right jobs

  • Implementing focused onboarding & training

  • Reducing unwanted turnover caused by a bad fit

  • Building successful career paths

  • Identifying true High Potentials

  • Aligning Talent Strategy with Business Strategy & Goals


  • Role-specific competency evaluation

  • Easily aligned to existing competency frameworks

  • Substantially higher predictive accuracy

  • Provides firm role fitment recommendations

  • Provides targeted development 

  • One assessment to evaluate talent against multiple roles

  • Easy-to-use online computer-based psychometric test

  • Permits non-proctored administration of the test, eliminating the need for resource intensive proctoring environments

  • Developed with factor analytic techniques, validated using criterion-related approach

Building Leadership Pipeline
Career Pathing
Executive Hiring
First Time Managers Program
High Potential Programs

HR Analytics
Internal Job Promotions
L&D Planning
Leadership Development

Management Development

Sales Force Transformation
Succession Planning
Talent Review

Talent Strategy
Training Need Analysis
Workforce Planning
Young Leaders Program

HR and L&D Applications


Financial Services
Software Products
Global Insourcing Centre's (GIC's)
Global Delivery Organizations


Leadership & C-Suite
Software Development
Centres Of Excellence
Quality & Audit
Customer Service
Data Science
Software Product Engineering
Software Testing


Senior Management
Mid Management
Front Line Managers
People Managers
First Time Managers
Team Leads
Individual Contributors

Business Challenges

Agile Talent
Digital Talent
Effective Teams
High Performance Cultures
Operational Effectiveness
Building People Managers
Improving Customer Satisfaction
Improving Customer Service
Building An Innovation Culture
Managing Change
Managing Millennial Talent
Re-Skilling & Up-Skilling
Solution Selling - Trusted Adviser

Ideal for

Sample Report

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Training & Certification


Certified Professional Talent Analyst (CPTA)

Equip yourself to debrief Chally reports, build Individual Development Plans and provide critical insight to Line Managers as a trusted Talent Adviser

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