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DISC Profile - The Behavioural Psychometric Test is taken by millions every year and is estimated to be in use by 75% of Fortune 500 companies. DISC profile is a simple yet powerful four-quadrant framework used to articulate the common ways that all human beings tend to behave and communicate. Coaches, HR and L&D professionals use this behavioural assessment test to build effective managers, strengthen teams and enhance organisational culture.

Success requires understanding and cultivating a sense of self by deeply comprehending who you are, what you do and how you do it. Organisations use our DISC profile psychometric test to help people understand HOW they behave. This significantly improves their ability to interact effectively with others as well as respond to the dynamic work environment.

Unlike other DISC assessments, our behavioural assessment provides data on all behavioural factors to capture the individual's behavioural thumbprint, along with detailed insights and tips to help individuals improve their interpersonal interactions. And where other companies can only provide an individual snapshot, our customers have the flexibility to analyse teams, functions & organisations to build collaborative cultures that maximise on individual and group strengths.


The DISC Profile Psychometric Test is available in different report versions designed to support your initiatives, and help you achieve your desired results. All our tools are flexible, practical and multi-purpose which means you can invest once in the right profile and use it throughout the employee life cycle to maximise your investment.

"HR and L&D professionals can build effective managers, strengthen teams and enhance organisational culture"


DISC Profile is a wonderfully versatile tool. Clients using the DISC behavioural Psychometric Test experience success by:

  • Improving individual performance through increased self-awareness

  • Improving teamwork, collaboration & interpersonal effectiveness

  • Cultivating successful & meaningful customer relationships

  • Building Leadership capability to understand people

  • Building agile teams

  • Guarding & nurturing critical relationships with internal stakeholders and external customers

  • Building organisation culture


  • Helps people understand behavioural & communication styles

  • Provides detailed analysis of both natural and adapted behaviours

  • Provides group analysis for improving interpersonal relationships

  • External review documenting the highest Cronbach’s alpha in the market

  • Peer-reviewed studies published in journals and for Research in institutional dissertations

  • Test-retest analysis over time to confirm reliability

  • Confirmation studies linking ipsative survey results to real brain activity

  • A huge database used to define norming

Building Coaching Cultures
Employee Engagement
First Time Managers Program
High Potential Program
Inter-Personal Effectiveness

L&D Planning
Leadership Development
Management Development
Manager As A Coach

Sales Development
Training Need Analysis
Young Leaders Program
Training Needs Analysis

HR and L&D Applications


Financial Services
Software Products
Global Insourcing Centre's (GIC's)
Global Delivery Organizations


Leadership & C-Suite
Software Development
Centres Of Excellence
Quality & Audit
Customer Service
Data Science
Software Product Engineering
Software Testing


Senior Management
Mid Management
Front Line Managers
People Managers
First Time Managers
Team Leads
Individual Contributors

Business Challenges

Agile Talent
Effective Teams
Building People Managers
Resolving Workplace Conflict
Improving Customer Satisfaction
Improving Customer Service
Managing Change
Managing Millennial Talent
Managing Workplace Stress

Ideal for

Sample Report

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Training & Certification


Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA)

Equip yourself to debrief DISC reports, build Individual Development Plans and create effective teams, functions & organisation cultures

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