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Building Adversity Quotient

In challenging & uncertain times, people need a psychologically safe environment. Metamorphosis is an award-winning program to discover & build mental & emotional wellness. Through a holistic understanding of Behaviour & Emotions, individuals can build their Self-Awareness, manage Anxiety and strengthen their ability to manage Adversity


  • Internalizing feelings

  • Displacing emotions

  • Unhealthy coping mechanism

  • Seeking external validation

  • Anxiety & stress

  • Fear of failure or rejection

  • Being judged

  • Parental & societal expectations

  • Social media pressure



  • Get in touch with emotions and feelings

  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy emotions

  • Build openness to accept and embrace emotions

  • Build emotional intelligence and improve adversity quotient

  • Learn effective, healthy strategies to cope with adversity


Use the developmental Psychometric profiler coupled with a personalised Debrief to create an Action Plan that helps

  • Understand ones emotional rhythms & behavioural responses

  • Manage personal & professional stressors

  • Build safe & effective coping mechanisms for workplace stress


Sign up for the Train the Trainer workshop to

  • Help managers & professionals build their Adversity Quotient

  • Improve Team Effectiveness & Collaboration

  • Reduce mental 'wear & tear' in your organization


Train yourself to

  • Understand your teams behaviors & emotions

  • Build strategies for managing team members in the best way possible

  • Develop your own Adversity Quotient to ensure Resilience & Balance when dealing with your team  

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