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Why We Love Psychometric Assessments? (And You Should Too!)

Why use Psychometric assessment tests

Psychometric assessment tests, is there anything they can’t do?

From training new college graduates to predicting a CEO’s success, Psychometric assessments can manage talent like no other. Although there are other methods to identify, develop and make people perform to the best of their abilities, what sets assessments apart is the manner in which talent is measured.

It’s objective and accurate.

In the past, results determined by Psychometric assessments were deemed unscientific and baseless (well that was mostly true) to actually assist HR in the real world of managing talent. But today, Psychometric assessments have come a long way. From being simply descriptive in nature to predicting on-the-job performance, Psychometric assessments have evolved to become a decisive tool in HR’s arsenal.

Like a chronograph watch measures time accurately, Psychometric assessments measure employee behaviour (competence, attitude, and even motivation) with a fair amount of accuracy. The major advantage of measuring talent – DATA. Data helps

· Speak the same language

Business and HR often have trouble communicating and understanding each other’s objectives. Data helps HR and Business speak a common language. For instance, quantitative behavioural data can be correlated with Key Result Areas or Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs). It helps link business strategy with HR strategy.

· Mass customise development and training

Each employee is unique and has individual strengths and needs. With data, it is now possible for organisations to identify and prioritise training and development needs of each individual, at scale.

· Be legally defensible

Organisations, hiring managers, and HR need to keep legal compliance in mind when they add psychometric tests to their hiring and talent management system. Keep in mind, assessment tools (especially cognitive ability tests) need to be job-relevant and well validated.

Finally, the employee is one of the most valuable resource for the organisation and needs to be taken care of. Assessment testing is a transparent and fair way to manage employee career aspirations and make sure it aligns with organisation goals.



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